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Well Summer’s season is going on and Everyone wants to look natural and amazing. So, Today We will tell you Summer’s basic makeup tutorial Step by step.

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How We are create Summer Basic makeup look ??

So, let’s get started:-

1.Face Toner –

First You Wash your face well or cleansing your face with any cleanser. Then , Apply face toner on your skin well .You Will find many kinds of face toner in the market in Affordable prices.

Basic summer makeup

But, I will Suggest you Good vibes facetoner this product is very good for your skin types and you can easily buy in the Market.

If don’t want to buy this product from market so ,you have to one more option – online marketing you can go any shopping app and order this product easily.

Face toner helps close the open pores of your face and helps make your makeup long-lasting.

2. Moisturizer –

Basic summer makeup

Apply any moisturizer or day Cream on your face for moisturise your skin well. This is more important because before doing makeup remember you have to moisturise your face well.

3. Primer-

Basic summer makeup tutorial

You have to use primer on your face skin .If you have to use primer before applying foundation it’s helps make your makeup long-lasting and Glowing.

4. Lip Balm-

Basic summer makeup

Must , Apply lip balm on your Lips for hydrating and moisturise your lips. Any lip balm you can choose like – Maybelline, Nivea…etc.

5. Foundation or B.B Cream –

Basic summer makeup

Apply foundation on your face and neck and well Blend foundation all over face and neck area. If you don’t want Apply foundation for Summer Basic makeup look. So, you have many choices to replace foundation.

You have to use B.B Cream or Sunscreen. Easy to Apply and Easy available in the Market.

6. Concealer –

If you have Dark Circles . So, you can apply Concealer on your dark circles and dark spots. If you don’t have Dark Circles or dark spot so can skip concealer. Because of light makeup is good for Summer Basic Makeup look.

7.Compact Powder –

Basic makeup tutorial

You have to set your makeup well with the help of Compact Powder.

8. Eye Brow Pencil or Powder –

Fill your Eyebrows with the help s of eye pencil or eyebrows powder.

9. Blusher-

Little- bit of light shade Blusher apply on your Apple chick’s.

10.Eyeliner, Kajal and Mascara-

Basic summer makeup

Apply Eyeliner or kajal ( According to your choice) and Apply Mascara on your Eyelashes which makes your Eyelashes long and thick .. seriously if you apply mascara so your lashes look amazing. (One of my favourite makeup product is Mascara).


And then Apply highlighter which is very trending in make-up tutorials. Apply highlighter on your chicks bones, brows bones, nose bone and eye inner corner.

Which helps makes your makeup glowing and shimmering.

12. Lipstick –

Basic summer makeup

I Love lipstick my second favourite makeup product. Apply lipstick on your lips.You can choose nude shades of lipsticks in this Summer . Which is very trending and make your look natural.

13.Makeup Fixer-

And, finally Set your summer basic makeup with the help of Make up Fixer for long-lasting and glowing makeup.

Enjoy your Summer Basic look. Hope you will try this look. Seriously it’s look amazing for this Summer.

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