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Mango ice-cream milk shake

mango ice-cream milk juice

Mango ice-cream milk shake

Summer.. oh .. Summer!

Yeah…Summer time and Girls, kids..many people usually love this Summer only for few reasons like – Summer Holidays, ice-cream , and tasty delicious fruits. So , I will use one of the Delicious things that every girls, boys and kids usually like that is ice cream and mango to prepare Mango ice cream Milk shake.

Mango ice-cream milk shake

Mango is Always everyone favourite fruits. And, Summer Season like the king of tasty and delicious fruits and you know It’s very beneficial fruit. It’s also helps in some Health Problems like – Weight Gaining, For Eyes, Maintain Blood Pressure, Good For Heart Health, Control acidity and etc..

Milk which is the Power of calcium which helps in Strengthning of Bones. Mango Milk juice is rich in Potassium, vitamin, Calcium, magnesium.

Mango Milk juice helps the Eyes against dryness, blindness facility good for eyesight, mango shakes help also in good digestion.

Quick and Easy to make Mango Milk shake ice-cream recipe


  1. One Bowl of chop Mangoes.
  2. Two Glasses of Milk (According to you).
  3. Add Sugar According to your taste.
  4. Some ICE-Cubes.
  5. Then, Pour the items in a Mixer.
Mango ice-cream milk shake

And, finally Serve the Glasses with 2cups of ICE-CREAM . Mango shakes is one of the tasty and delicious MANGO Ice-cream MILK SHAKE with good ingredients which are easily available in market with affordable prices.

Classywomenz Always Suggest you good and healthy recipes and shakes for your good health.( without any side-effects).

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