6 WATER -RICH Food's That Helps You Stay Hydrated 🍶 -
Wed. Jul 3rd, 2019

6 WATER -RICH Food’s That Helps You Stay Hydrated 🍶

Water hydrated fruits

( hydrate 6 water rich foods)

Everyone wants to stay hydrated in the summer and it’s very important.full of hydrated rich food’s.

EAT YOUR WATER >>For Hydration

which helps to hydrated your body and skin.

Add some fruits and vegetables in your daily diet in this Summer.

We should always keep ourselves hydrated especially during the summer,we should take special care of this matter.

By the way, it’s say that we need to drink more water to stay hydrated 8-10 glasses of water should definitely drink in a day.

But we can use some fruits and vegetables for food to keep ourselves hydrated in which the more of water is found.

So Let’s see some delicious diet and Healthy hydrated food or salad..🍓🍇🍉

1.WATER MELON (which provide 92%water)-

Watermelon is a Amazing healthy fruit and it’s is very delicious and healthy. It’s high water content fruit.Watermelon is not only tasty its also very good for your health.🍓🍓

Hydrated fruits

Watermelon is great for the skin because it contains vitamin A. It’s also helps to prevent constipation and promote regular for a healthy digestion.

Watermelon is a great snacks to have on hand during the not summer to prevent dehydration.

2.PINEAPPLE (which provide 87% water)-

They are especially wich in vitamin C amd magnese provide daily recommend , respectievly.

A healthy immune system and the absorption of iron and the diet and maintain your metabolism.

Hydrated water rich fruits

Eat a cup of pineapple chunks daily it’s amazing benefits like-minded Boost Immune System, improve Bones,and eye health etc.Its also helps in many problems.

3. SPINACH (which is provide 92% water)-

Spinach is excellent and amazing source of many vitamins and minerals. Its provide vitamin A,C,k1,folic acid.

Hydrated food

Spinach is the very top of the most super food lists.Because it’s provide many vitamins and minerals.

Spinach is very useful food for weight reduction, digestion, constipation, maintain low blood sugar and curbs overeating.

4.CUCUMBER (which provide 96% water)-

Hydrated food

✓✓Cucumber is an ideal hydrated and cooling food.which may help fight cancer.

Cucumber helps to your Brain Health . In addition to improving your Memory and protect your nerve cells.

5. APPLE (which provide 92% water) –

Hydrated fruits

Apples improve the Metabolic Balance.

Apple’s is especially effective for diabetics, weight loss, Reduce cholesterol,Boost brain power, hydrated your body, and its helps to many problems.

Its an ideal source of B- complex Vitamin.

6- STRAWBERRY (which provide 92%water) –

Water hydrated fruits

There is nothing like fresh Strawberries in the summer. Which has entire day worth of Vitamin C.

Strawberry are our daily recommend intake of vitamin C in one just cup.which is the important moving food through your digestive system

This can help Improve Immune functioning, best for your skin and hair as well.


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