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Sun. Jun 9th, 2019

Daily Health Routine 💃


(Health Routine)

Daily Follow 6 Health Tips And Always Stay Healthy

1.Benefits of a daily 8 hours sleep for health


1.Getting enough quality sleep is critical to keeping our brains functioning well for health.

Sleep helps consolidate our memory registering our thoughts in our mind which is essentially for learning new information.

2.A good night sleep is also important for helping your body function is best.Keep your immunity system functioning properly and even improve your heart health by decreasing stress.

3.When you go to sleep skin is automatically HEALTH repaired and replenished and made ready for another day.(healthy skin)

2.Benefit of Daily 1 Lemon


1.Lemon juice is fat cutter.This is all the fat cut of our body and when fat decreases in our body, obesity decreases.

Lemon juice helps for increased metabolism.Daily 1 Lemon and stay healthy and classy.

2.Daily 1 Lemon a good source of decreased fat and increased metabolism.(Healthy)


3.Benefit of Daily 1 Apple


1.If you eat 1 Apple in your Daily routine so,You will never need a doctor.Apple is a good source of a Healthy Lifestyle.

2.Apples are extremely rich in important antioxidant, flavonoids and dietary fibre.

Apple may well be one of the most healthy food for you to include in your daily routines diet.

3.health benefits-heart,skin,brain, stomach,liver, anemia, diabetes constipation, cancer,eye,dental, digestion, weakness,Asthana, boosting brain health, cholesterol,Bone health


4. Apple rich in vitamin C, antioxidant, compounds and protein can have major role in preventing weakness and boosting immune system.

4.Benefit of daily 1 glass Milk


1.Milk Makes Healthy Bones.Like Most women got her information from doctors and health organisation who for years have touted milk as the key to healthy bones.

2.The Best Source of Calcium.Milk as the Perfect vehicle to transport calcium to Bones..

It turns out that the realatio ship between the protein in dairy products and the calcium in bones is a Rocky one.


5.Benefit of daily 4 dates


1.Dates are rich in fibre that help in maintaining the Google blood pressure and also helps in keeping our stomachs.

2.Dates are a rich source iron. Also helps weekness maintain our hemoglobin.


6.Benefit of 5 Almonds Daily


1.Almounds are good source of Fiber, Protein,Fat, Vitamin E, Magnesium and Manganese.

2.Its help increase amount of copper , Vitamin B2

3.Almonds are good source of cut cancer cells.Daily eat 5 Almonds nd keep Healthy.


Keep Healthy ..😎

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