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Wed. Jun 12th, 2019

Banana🍌 Benefits😋

(Health benefits of banana)

Fitness and Beauty With Banana’s🍌

Some good Reason to Eat a Banana Today😋

1.Glowing Skin

2.Anti-aging Benefits

3.Remove dead skin cells

4.Treat Acne

5.Moisturise Skin


7.For your healthy heart and blood pressure

What is good in banana’s?

Bananas are good source of vitamin C , dietary fibre and manganese, Potassium.

Bananas give your energy-minus the fats and cholesterol.

Banana Eat properly helps FITNESS ensure that your muscles have enough energy to power through your workout.

Prevent your low blood sugar after physical activity that can cause dizziness and fatigue.

Having a banana you eat daily in breakfast.Glycogen level top up in your body.. Glycogen is your body main source of energy.

1.Rich in potassium and mosturise it will help you hydrate your skin and moisture dry skin.

ItWill help you making soft and glowing skin and feels fresh and good.

Simply apply a banana face mask put on your skin for 10 to 15mints and wash with cold water and enjoy your soft and glowing skin.

2.bananas are excellent homemade remedies for treating acne and pimple .

It’s work very well for your skin problems like acne,dry skin,dull skin.. banana mask helpful for dark spots least twice a week… After few weeks you see results your face.

3.Giving you a fat and cholesterol free source of energy. Banana are healthy specially-designed for children and athletes for breakfast .

A medium size banana will provide potassium.Potassium helpful your maintain a healthy heart and blood pressure.

Maganese in banana’s good for your skin.magnese helps you free radicals damage and protect your skin.

4.Maintain a healthy nervous system.

Remove unwanted chemical from your liver and kidneys.Produce red blood cells.

Metabolise amino acids.And Bananas are good source of vitamin C a medium sized banana will provide about 10% of your daily vitamin C needs.its helps give you vitamin C.

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