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6 Step by step 💃

1.CLEANSER (According to your skin type)

2.TONER(According to your skin type)

3. EYE CREAM(According to your skin type)

4.Treatments(Retinol,Acne, anti-aging serum,AHA peel ,CLay Mask)(According to your skin type)

5. Hydrating Mask Or Face Oil (According to your skin type)

6.Moisturizer or Night cream(According to your skin type)

Your daily night care routine if you follow these steps daily So your skin is naturally repair and glowing.

Here’s the best HEALTHY SKIN order of skin care products to make sure you get the most out of them..

1 CLEANSER– Try double cleansing which involves using a cleansing oil first to dissolve your makeup and then washing your face again with your regular cleanser.

2.Toner– Toner is more to clean and essence is more about delivering a treatment.if using multiple booster same rules apply : apply from thinnest to thickest.

3.EYE CREAM– Generally you’d want to apply your eye cream before your treatment to protect your eye area against potent ingredients which could potentially cause irritation.

4.Treatment Serum ,Cream– Daily apply serum on your skin every night. This is very useful and effective for your skin care.This makes your skin glowing from inside and fights with your skin’s anti-bacteria and eliminates it.This completes the skin of your skin and gives your skin a good treatment.

5.HYDRATING MASK OR FACE OIL-If your skin is on the dry side you may want to add a hydrating mask or face oil in your night skin care routine. It is very iffective.It hydrates your skin inside and gives a soft and glowing skin.

6.Mosturizer Or Night Cream– Some people use the same moisturizer in the day and night.Mosturizer particularly the heavier ones used at Night.If you are using the right moisturizer so can use it gives a soft smooth skin.

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