Tue. Jun 11th, 2019

Some Delicious food that help fight Belly Fat

Belly fight food it’s yummy and Healthy

  1. Avocados

Merely half of one avacado contains 10gm of healthy mono-saturated fats,which stop the blood sugar spikes that tell your body sugar spikes that tell your body to store fat around your midsection.

Not only do healthy fats in avacado help thwart belly, boats ,they also help our bodies better absorb carotenoids, cancer-fighting compounds found in colourful fruits and veggies like tomatoes,carrots,spinach and winter squash .

In fact,had 15 times higher absorption of carotenoids,a study from The Ohio State University at Columbus found.

2. Bananas

The fruits packs 422 milligrams of potassium,a mineral that can help limit the amount of belly swelling sodium in your body.


A cup encourage the growth of good bacteria in your gut, throwing out other bugs that can cause bloating.

Creamy Greek yogurt is yummy,but its also much more than that :it’s combo of carbs FITNESS and protein help stabilize insulin,a protein help your body to store calories as fat when levels get too high.


Antioxidants can improve blood flow, delivering more oxygen to muscles so ab revealing cardio is easier.

Have some yogurts and berries before your workout to get those muscles ready for action.

5.chocolate skim Milk

A glass teams carbohydrates with protein to promote muscle building,drink POST workout to speed recovery. Plus ,you are getting that calcium to make your bones stronger . Chocolate milk is not just for kids!

6.Green Tea

Three cup daily may rev up your metabolism and burn 30 calories, a study in medicine & Science in sports & Exercise shows. The compound ECGC in the tea makes it easier to burn fat.

7.whole grains

Carb lovers, rejoice! The filling finer in food like oatmeal,brown rice,and bulgur aids in keeping your body’s insulin levels low. Researchers speculate this may shrink fat cells.

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