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Sat. Jun 15th, 2019

How to apply Natural looking Eye shadow?

Complete Eyeshadow Tutorial

Step by step

Eye Makeup

How to apply for a natural MAKEUPTUTORIAL look based on your skin tone

Follow steps nd create a pretty look

Natural looking eye-makeup for light skin

Step by step

  1. Apply Eye Primer

Eye primer is essential for any eye makeup look, including natural eye makeup. No eye primer on haind? No problem! Just apply dap of the concealer to help create an even canvas for your eye shadow application.

2. Apply Taupe Eye Shadow

To add the faintest wash of Colorado to your load.swipe the any‘ colour rich monos eye shadow in mix ang matte pain au chocolat from your lash line up to your crease .

Since this is supposed to add just enough natural looking color, you don’t want to extend either eye shadow beyond the upper edge of your crease .

what’s more you don’t want to apply eye shadow so heavily that it creates a harsh line of demarcation.

For that reason,it’s best to apply your eye shadow with a fluffy blending brush,as you can use it to gently swipe on color without creating lines.

3.for Bright Eyes

One of the easy way to create the appearance of wide open eyes is to apply a light shimmery eye shadow to the centre of your lid.directly over your pupil.

To get the look apply the any colour riche monos Eye shadow in Paris beach with a tapered blending brush so that it won’t stray all over your lid.

4. Shape eyes with eye liner

Instead of drawings on a harsh and unnatural looking black line,use the brown liquid eye liner to line your eyes. To keep your eyeliner natural looking apply it close to your upper lash line and leave your lower lash line bare.

5. Finish

With Mascara

Again instead of reaching for black mascara try using the mascara Black brown for a set of lashes that looks naturally full.

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