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Sat. Sep 7th, 2019

Hair Tutorial

Hair Tutorial

Hair Tutorial step by step 😍

1.Faux Waterfall

How many times and how many different you waterfall braid tutorial have you watched before getting ready and giving up doing it completely? complete Hair Tutorial

Too many Hair Tutorial,I assume,well,this simple hack of a hairstyle is so pretty that you and your daughter can sport it to the many birthday parties she gets invited to.

Hair Tutorial
Hair Tutorial
Hair Tutorial

What You Need

hair elastic

-Bobby Pins

How To Style

1.Part her hair deeply on one side.

2. the side with more hair,pick up a 3 in section of hair,braid it right till the end and secure it with a hair elastic.

3.Insert your thumb HAIRSTYLES and index finger through the centre of the first stitch of the braid and pick up a small section of hair from the front of your head.

4.Pull this section of hair through the stitch of her braid.

5.keep repeating step 2 and 4 down the braid until the waterfall effect has reached in line with her parting on the other side.

6.Pin the end of the braid at the back of her head,under her hair,to finish off the look.

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