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Sat. Jun 22nd, 2019


1.Plazzo Exclusive

2. Fabric- High Cotton Amena

3. Size- S,M,L,XL..only/

4.Colour-Pink,blue, black,red,white


Nowadays, every girl wants to do something in the trend, FASHION do something new trendy so that she can make a nice look. In this way we can see different types of dresses in the market.Girls use new ideas to create a new look.Nowadays Palazzo Pants is in tremendous trends and today’s girls are also quite like it. Palazzo pants are new new variety nd different colours available in the market.

If you also try to compare yourself with the trend, then you have the best option.If you like it with you Shorts Tops, Loose T-Shirts, Long Courts, Anything You Can Do Anyway, whatever you do, will give you a new trendy look.Together you will also face Confident in a Comfort Zone by taking your look.

1.Palazzo Pants


Girls favourite High-waist

Acid Jeans

Grey,light grey,black


There are many types of genes in jeans and they all give a nice look to their own place.

Girls College likes to wear mostlies everywhere in the party’s travels, its fashion is never out, you can do anything like this.They give you a simple and elegant look and you can find the easily everywhere in malls and local markets. You must definitely like the High Waist Jeans..make sure you like it alottt..and be comfortable.

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