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Cute and easy hairstyles for Girls

Girls Easy hairstyles step by step do follow

1.Heart Pigtails

Style your sweet heart hair with some sweet heart,why don’t you? Besides looking oh-adorable,this cute valentine’s heart pigtails style takes just about 5minutes to do. No one will be able to stop themselves from awww-ing when they see your cutie’s pigtails. Hairstyles

What You Need

1.Hair brush

2.Haur Elastic

How to Style

  1. Start off by brushing all the knots from your daughter’s hair and tying it into 2 mid -level pigtails.
  2. Using your fingers,create a gap in the hair right above the hair elastic tied around her right pigtails.
  3. Flip her pigtails over and into this gap to topsy tail it.
  4. Topsy tail her pigtail into one more time.
  5. Now divide her pigtails into 2 section.
  6. Start twisting these sections until they start curving upwards to create the two halves of a heart.
  7. Boring both the sections together and tie them up with à hair elastic to create a heart.
  8. Repeat steps 2 to 7 on the left pigtail to complete the look.

2.Rose Bun

Struggling to come up with a hairstyle every time she has a class party/school/college dance to attend?

Here’s a hair look that will get you out of your pinch swiftly. These rose buns are super pretty and bound make your daughter’s look like the gorgeous flowers child that she is.

What You Need

1.Hair elastic

2.Bobby pins

3.Texturizing spray

How To Style

1.Divide the top half of your little one’s hair into 3 section.

2.Individually braid these 3 section and secure their ends with hair elastic.

3.Pancake the left side of all 3braids.

4.Spritz on some texturing spray on them.

5.Hold down the top of the first braid with one hand and start rolling the braid around it in a clockwise direction with the other hand.

6.Keep pinning down the braid to her head every time you finish a half circle.

7. Tuck the end of the braid under the completed rose and secure it down with some Bobby pins.

8.Repeat steps 5 to 7 with the other two braids to complete the look.

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