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Tue. Jun 11th, 2019

Easy School,College Hairstyles for girls with short hair

These are some easy hairstyles that can ease your morning routine.

1. The Quick Bow Bun

Getting ready for school, college quickly is always a matter of concern every day. This quick bun can help your girl put it up herself , and get a great look as well with easy hairstyles

What You Will Need

  1. A hair bow
  2. Hairpins
  3. Elastic bands

How to do

  1. Start by tying together as much hair as possible in a tiny ponytail of sorts.
  2. Let go of some hair below it, using it to roll a bun out of the ponytail. Attach it with the lower hair together using the hair pins.
  3. For the hair that is left out divide them into separate section. Twist this hair together and wrap them up at the nun’s base, pinning them in place as well.
  4. To make the bun look prime and proper, use a cute hair bow that can go with her uniform,dress as well.

2. The classic Pony

One of the reason why girls complain of a ponytail is that their hair seems to be tightly pulled,which can cause headache, too Here’s a easy style that convenient and carefree.

What you will Need

1 hairpins

2.Elastic bands

How to do

  1. Begin by tying all the kids hair into a small ponytail, except for the hair in the frontal area.
  2. Part this to one side. Take the hair from the portion of the ponytail. Use hair pins to keep them close to the pony base.
  3. Do the same with the other side of the parting as well. Your girl will look classy and confident with this hairdo.

3. Dutch styled Pigtails

For girls that are very spotty,these pigtails can be a quick option to take care of your hair and convenient through all activities.

What You Will Need

  1. Elastic bands

How to do

  1. Part the hair a little away from the excat centre right till the neck.
  2. Start with the left side and pick all the hair from the front.
  3. Divide them into three parts and begin braiding them together. Alternate between each side while braiding with the middle one, feeling free to add in extra hair from either section.
  4. Once the braid is complete, secure the end using the elastic bands. Repeat on the other side. The hair would be fully secure and styled perfectly.
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